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Design and Planning Appeals: Good Design Advice

Many local planning authorities have told us about problems they face refusing anything but well-designed schemes because of worries the Planning Inspectors will overturn their decision. So to help we have put together these resources which we hope will give you confidence to hold out for well-designed schemes in your area. 

Alongside new good practice guidance, you will find above videos explaining the how’s and why’s of design with design at appeal. We also suggest you look at UCL’s recent research into inspector decisions – Appealing Designs.

  1. Design and planning appeals: a good practice guide by Christine Thorby
  2. Appealing design: design based planning appeals, has the tide turned? by Matthew Carmona
  3. An appeal example from Leicester by Justin Webber
  4. Lessons from an expert witness by Amanda Reynolds

A short pdf has been produced with the kind assistance of Christine Thorby, Former Director of Strategy and Head of Planning Projection at the Planning Inspectorate. It provides down to earth advice on how to avoid an appeal in the first place, but if not possible, how to construct your evidence base and present your arguments.

Click the button below to download our Design and Planning Appeals Guide.


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