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The Building Homes Programme is the place to learn how to provide great homes for all. This year we will investigate the current drive to zero carbon, the use of masterplans and design codes and how new housing can respond to the pandemic.

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Wed 05/05/21

There is much confusion on how to achieve zero carbon and where the milestones lie along the way. This session will look at a range of approaches and discuss the practical challenges.

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Wed 26/05/21, Half Day - am

Are we successfully tackling the housing crisis?  Are we building enough high quality homes in the right places, at a level people can afford?  This session will debate all aspects of this key issue.

Thu 10/06/21

Masterplans are a core part of place shaping. This session will explore what elements they contain, the stages of developing a masterplan and how they are delivered in practice, discussing how they can support great places.

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Tue 13/07/21

This session will explore mixed use, multi tenure and dense schemes to learn from successful case studies and understand key strategies for the delivery of great places.

Tue 28/09/21

Adaptability and ‘loose-fit’ homes are a key focus post pandemic not least for mental and physical health and economic resilience. We will look at the opportunities and challenges of designing for flexibility and explore the scope to achieve this in practice.

Tue 16/11/21

An essential update on the shifting pattern of funding for housing, exploring the latest trends and finding ways to deliver great places within your budget.

Wed 01/12/21

For those involved in housing commissioning, management and delivery, to share ideas, lessons learnt and best practice.

Wed 19/01/22

How can communities be involved with or lead housing projects? This session will explore the story so far and discuss future directions for resident engagement, resident ballots, community led housing and more, including the growing use of digital methods.

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Wed 09/02/22

Delivering housing for diverse groups and across the generations is a huge challenge. This session explores successful approaches and how they can inform your thinking in this increasingly important area.

Tue 08/03/22

Collaboration is key to bring in vital skills in housing delivery, so how can partnerships help to provide great places? An in-depth look at all aspects of partnership working in the housing sector.

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