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Tue 01/03/22
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The days of panels being ‘manned’ by very similar people are long gone.  But there are still challenges to achieving real diversity of experience, outlook and background within our panels.  We will look at ways we can potentially work together to improve diversity.

Past Event

Tue 14/09/21, 10am–12pm
Related Events: Design Review Network

Discussing how panels can help with the creation, use and monitoring of design codes and guides. For example; by assessing if development proposals comply with codes.


Ensuring more diverse panels and encouraging young talent

Ben Hull, LB Newham
Chris Lamb, Oxford
Kathy MacEwen, London

SuDs, Biodiversity & Active Travel Design Reviews

Paul Dodd

Discussion: Can design review panels support design coding work?

Past Event

Tue 22/06/21, 2–5pm
Related Events: Design Review Network

An opportunity to discuss topical issues and opportunities faced by Design Review panels.

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