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UDL Design Review Panel: Terms of Reference

The Urban Design London (UDL) Design Review Panel has been set up to provide independent advice on design quality for design review programme. The design review panel is set up and administered by UDL and agrees to operate under the following terms of reference:

1. Terms of Reference

1.1.The panel will be administered by UDL and will remain independent at all times.

1.2.All panel members are responsible for declaring any conflicts of interest, or perceived conflicts of interest; this may result in members not being invited to sit on particular panels.

1.3.The list of panel members is listed in 2. Design Review Panel Membership below. The panel may be augmented by other design advisors if specialist expertise is needed for a particular scheme.

1.4.Design Reviews will be arranged at least four weeks in advance of each session.

1.5.An Agenda and Briefing Note outlining the scheme and the focus of the session will be circulated electronically at least one week before the session. This will be summarised by the project team at the start of the session.

1.6.At certain points the panel may be asked to review material remotely. This process will be administered by UDL and panel members will be asked to provide comments within one week of receiving the material. Advance warning of the remote review will be given, where possible at least a week in advance.

1.7.During the session the Chair will manage the discussion. The Chair will ensure that the scheme is fully understood by the panel members and that the discussion is appropriate for the stage of the project and within the acknowledged constraints. The chair will also focus discussion on the issues raised by the project team and where appropriate the planning authority, including the resolution of conflicting opinions from the Panel. The chair will provide a verbal summary at the end of the session.

1.8.UDL will prepare a Meeting Note which summarises the discussion and suggestions made by the Panel. The Note will be signed off by the Chair prior to issue to the project team client for distribution within two weeks of the meeting.

1.9.Panel members are paid an honorarium for attending design reviews. Charges for panel members are; £200 for up to half-day and £300 for up to full-day. Charges for panel chairs are; £300 for up to half-day and £400 for up to full-day.

2. Design Review Panel Membership

2.1.  UDL’s Design Review Panel comprises a selection of 28 professionals, covering a range of disciplines and expertise. Each review panel will be selected from this list, according to the requirements of the scheme being reviewed.

2.2.  Streets & Public Realm

Fred Manson, Heatherwick Studio (Co-Chair) 

Kevin Barton, Robert Bray Associates 

Valerie Beirne, Better Bankside Urban Forest 

Marie Burns, Burns & Nice

Fenella Griffin, Untitled Practice

Ian Hingley, Urban Movement

David Moores, Project Centre

Chris Schulte, Publica

Ludwig Tewksbury, Tewksbury Design George Wright, City of London

2.3.  Transport & Infrastructure

Sam Richards, Independent (Co-Chair)

Hiro Aso, Gensler

Lee Deacon, Steer Davies Gleave 

Brian Deegan, AltaGo

Phil Jones, Phil Jones Associates 

Joanna Kesson, Arup

Nivedita Vijayan, Jacobs

Murray Woodburn, LB Newham

2.4.  Architecture & Planning

Gillian Horn, Penoyre and Prasad Architects (Co-Chair) 

Jane Briginshaw, Jane Briginshaw Associates

Mike Hayes, Michael Hayes Consulting Ltd

John Herbert, Troy Planning

Edward Jarvis, LB Camden

Catherine Jenkins, Pilbrow & Partners

Jo McCafferty, Levitt Bernstien

David Prichard, Metropolitan Workshop

Deborah Saunt, DSDHA

Peter Studdert, Peter Studdert Planning


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