We aim to help practitioners create and maintain well-designed, good quality places. We do this by offering training, advice, networking events, design surgeries and online resource.

UDL is supported by Transport for London and we work very closely with these organisations, helping to ensure our training and networking services reflect the most up to date policies, research, best practice examples and funding criteria.

We have been effective in playing a significant role in increasing skills and directly improving the quality of places. We are not a commercial training provider and work hard to ensure all income we receive is used to support our members.



What has TfL done for Design?

On the 10th May we will look at how this long standing and iconic organisation has effected how London looks, feels and works. To book a place email info@urbandesignlondon.com

UDL are Recruiting

We are looking for an enthusiastic and hard-working individual to join our team and take on the role of UDL Administrator (Intern).

The Bill, the Lords and PiP

Last week saw the publication of both the House of Lords report ‘Building Better Places’ and DCLG’s consultation on the detailed working of the Housing and Planning Bill. Whilst supporting the current drive to increase the building of new homes, the Lords were concerned that this should not be done at the expense of a […]

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