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We aim to help practitioners create and maintain well-designed, good quality places. We do this by offering training, advice, networking events, design surgeries and online resource.

UDL is supported by Transport for London and we work very closely with these organisations, helping to ensure our training and networking services reflect the most up to date policies, research, best practice examples and funding criteria.

We have been effective in playing a significant role in increasing skills and directly improving the quality of places. We are not a commercial training provider and work hard to ensure all income we receive is used to support our members.


Leonard Circus in Action

Here are some videos from the very interesting shared space/deregulated space/ civilised junction – what ever you want to call it in Hackney near Old Street. Taken on 3rd June 2015. The scheme, designed and delivered by LB Hackney has bedded down now. We watched cars, taxis, big lorries, cyclists, pedestrians even a dog move […]

Network Meeting: How can Innovation help us?

Date                 Tuesday 21st of July 2015, 9.45am to 16:00pm We all know there are teams of young, energetic and clever people somewhere east of Farringdon who are changing the world with their apps, big data and fancy software. But are we built environment professionals getting as much help from technology as we should? This meeting […]


Intelligent Community Challenge

Through the medium of a design competition, the Intelligent Community Challenge provides a unique opportunity for councils – who submit briefs outlining an area that needs regeneration – to work with promising design students – who will answer those briefs and come up with LED-lighting led solutions to solve their regeneration issues. Click here for […]

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